Am I being blocked from posting on this list?

Christopher J. Walters cwal989 at
Mon Apr 14 20:56:52 CEST 2014

On 4/14/2014 2:43 PM, Robert J. Hansen wrote:

> Heartbleed!  Heartbleed!  Heartbleed!
> Nope, no Great Old Ones have risen from the depths and begun to expose humanity
> to unimaginable horrors.  Maybe if I try again with the word "Hastur"... [*]
> Heartbleed was bad, yes.  However, it's hard for me to believe it's "far more
> severe than most people think."  Being able to read 64k chunks out of server
> memory at-will and on-demand by exploiting commonly-used software is already a
> Chernobyl-level disaster.  Really, how's it going to get worse?
> heads, let's face the future with a smile, let's not panic, and let's not think
> the GnuPG list is censoring anything that contains the word 'Heartbleed'.

It is not just this list.  That message has not shown up on other lists I have 
posted it to.

> Now, if you'll forgive me, there's a Great Old One I've been trying to awaken.
> Hastur!  Hastur!  Hast--*urgkl* *thud*
> [*] if this makes no sense to you, go read some H.P. Lovecraft's _The Whisperer
> in Darkness_.  :)

Well, you can read the links and decide for yourself if they have any value.

As the Great One, Doug Barton stated (paraphrasing), this topic is totally 
off-topic for this list, and I have violated the owners' wishes by posting on 
it, and, of course I should have known this, and not even tried to post on this 
topic on this list.

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