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Werner Koch wk at
Mon Apr 14 21:15:09 CEST 2014

On Mon, 14 Apr 2014 20:42, cwal989 at said:

> Are you the list owner?  Did you put a "subject line block" on this
> list?  If so, you should have said so, if not, then the list owner

There are only a few anti-spam measures on all lists and they
have been there for years.  Specific procmail fitering is:

  * ^Subject:.*=\?ks_c_5601-1987\?
  * ^Subject:.*=\?GB2312\?
  * ^Subject: Delivery Status Notification
  * ^From:.*lottery.*
  * ^Content-Type:.*multipart/mixed
      :0 B
      * ^Content-Type:.*text/plain;.*Windows-1252
      * ^Content-Type:.*application/octet-stream
# We don't accept ZIP or EXE file attachments.
  :0 BH
  * ? scrutmime --match-zip --match-exe  --quiet
  * ^Subject:[ ]=\?Windows-1251\?B\?
  :0fw: spamassassin.lock
  | /usr/bin/spamassassin
  * ^X-Spam-Flag: yes

and there is also greylisting and an RBL at the receiving MX.

And my private filtering drops everything which has HTML inside; do I do
not see all posted mails.



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