pgp key servers cors support

tim at tim at
Sat Apr 19 23:40:04 CEST 2014


I believe I asked a pgp key server http interface question on this list a while ago, and received a useful response.

I also wrote tobug-pks at mit.eduwith the request below.. With no response.

Is there any way that the http pgp key servers could be changed to provide cors headers allowing access from any site? This could also be done through some proxy server (njinx?) which accepts, forwards and then concatenates cors headers to the response.

The reason is to enable sites' clients such as the one I'm developing, to hit a random assortment of pgp keyservers without proxying through my server. (although proxying through my server is fine, it would be better, I think, to talk directly to those pgp keyservers).

I realize this is not the pgp keyserver mailing list. But I figure the developers of that server also reside in this list -- and I'm not sure exactly which list is the right list to post to. 404s


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