hash email addresses / directory privacy enhancement

Peter Lebbing peter at digitalbrains.com
Tue Apr 29 11:59:21 CEST 2014

On 29/04/14 11:13, Hauke Laging wrote:
> if it is supposed to be an answer then I guess from the perspective of the
> "average" user it answers the wrong question.

It wasn't. It was an elaboration on one particular aspect of the answer MFPA gave.

> "Will uploading my certificate to a public key server cause a spam problem
> for me someday (not in the far future)?" Nobody knows. Especially as you
> don't get the addresses off of the keyservers.

The problem with keeping an e-mail address secret is you need to keep it secret
all of the time, while it only needs to leak to spammers once. Those are
overwhelming odds. If just one of your correspondents is infected by a virus
that harvests their addressbook or their mail folders, you've lost the battle.

Thát is an answer.

Not a new one, though. It's been said multiple times and can be found in the
mailing list archives. The latest version of the sample-size-of-one statistics
of my experiment, on the other hand, were a new addition.



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