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Am Di 29.04.2014, 10:51:35 schrieb Peter Lebbing:

> But it hardly ever happens. 22 attempted scams in 3 years, and they
> arrive in batches. 7 batches to be precise; 7 distinct moments in
> time that scams arrived on that address.

That is interesting but if it is supposed to be an answer then I guess 
from the perspective of the "average" user it answers the wrong 
question. The answered question is: "Does uploading my certificate to a 
public key server cause a spam problem for me TODAY?" This answer is no.

But the reason is not that keyservers are kind of spam-safe but that 
this address source is not interesting enough for spammers (maybe they – 
non-crypto users – are not even aware of it) due to its limited size and 
the kind of users you may expect behind these addresses.

But: Those of us who do not like to regularly throw their email 
addresses away will usually be more interested in the answer to a 
slightly different question: "Will uploading my certificate to a public 
key server cause a spam problem for me someday (not in the far future)?" 
Nobody knows. Especially as you don't get the addresses off of the 

We wish for the success of crypto (in usage share). But if it ever comes 
(I am working hard on it...) then it will have unpleasant side effects.

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