gpg: checking created signature failed: Bad signature

green at green at
Fri Aug 1 14:43:16 CEST 2014

> Try the diagnosis output, sometimes it tells you more.
> gpg2 -vvv --debug-all --debug-level=expert

The 'expert' setting didn't seem to tell me enough so I tried the 'guru'
option on two different machines and noticed that the Arch Linux machine
seems to use two slightly different strings when performing the
rsa_verify step:

    rsa_verify      n:+b5cd0db854ba1...
    rsa_verify  cmp:+b5cb0db854ba1...

Notice that the 4th digit has changed from a 'd' to a 'b'.  Other digits
in the string are also different (I didn't want to include the whole
string as I'm not sure what that would reveal).

Looking at the same output on the other machine (performing the same
operation on the same file), the two strings match exactly and I don't
get the 'Bad signature' error.

I'm somewhat out of my depth now so hopefully the above will mean
something to you?

Many Thanks,


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