gpg: checking created signature failed: Bad signature

Peter Lebbing peter at
Tue Aug 5 23:05:11 CEST 2014

On 05/08/14 12:59, green at wrote:
> I can run a command such as "gpg2 --clearsign doc" and it will
> fail with the "Bad signature error" then I can immediately run the same
> command again and it works (but not consistently).

It sounds like your hardware is failing. This will often show first on
computationally intensive, verified stuff like crypto.

Did you overclock your computer? You might need to lower some setting if
you did.

You could try memtest86+ for several hours. Note that failing tests do
not necessarily indicate a broken memory module; it can be something
else, like for instance the CPU, the motherboard or the power supply.

Another thing you could look for is blown capacitors on the motherboard,
especially close to the CPU. When you don't have solid capacitors, i.e.
ones containing liquid, they can short circuit, which will cause the
liquid to boil and the cap at the top to expand outwards, which can be
observed. They will form a slight dome, whereas normally it's flat or
even slightly inwards. This will only happen to the large ones. I'm sure
pictures can be found, although I'm not sure "blown capacitor" is the
correct English term... in Dutch we say "geplofte condensator", and I
never discussed the issue in any other language ;).



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