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Johan Wevers johanw at vulcan.xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 18 21:15:23 CEST 2014

On 18-08-2014 20:11, Robert J. Hansen wrote:

> Err -- *what* right to remain silent?  No country has a universal right
> to remain silent.  If you're a witness to a crime, you can be compelled
> to testify about what you see.

Yes, unfortunately.

>  If you're in possession of documents
> that are relevant to a police investigation, you can be ordered to
> produce them, and so on and so on.

No, not here. When the police thinks I have such documents they can get
a search order, but if they can't find them and I remain silent it's too
bad for them. I am not in violation of any law when I don't give them,
not even when they later find out I did have them. Same for when I would
destroy or encrypt said documents after I found out the police was
looking for them.

> Keep in mind that the idea of a subpoena duces tecum is so
> uncontroversial that it's been formalized in *two* separate Hague
> conventions: the Hague Service Convention and the Hague Evidence
> Convention.

Perhaps, but the Dutch law doesn't wortk like that.

> If you don't have trust in U.S. law because we have the
> subpoena duces tecum,

Not ONLY because of that.

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