So on & so forth

Doug Barton dougb at
Tue Aug 19 21:33:37 CEST 2014

On 8/19/14 11:17 AM, Ville Määttä wrote:
> 1. The package and gnupg2 version used has not been updated since October 2013 (2013.10.22). If I’m not completely mistaken the version is still 2.0.22.

Yes, that was my biggest concern as well (and you're correct on the 

Is there a better solution? I'm comfortable on the command line, and 
wouldn't mind compiling my own if there was a suitable step-by-step 
guide available. I've compiled lots of stuff for FreeBSD and Linux, but 
while I've used Macs in the past I'm new to being a Mac "owner."

If "compile your own" is the right answer, I'd also be appreciative of a 
guide for getting gpg-agent running on a Mac. I see the GPG Suite 
version running in the ps list, and I know how to get .app stuff started 
at login time, but I haven't gotten to the part of the manual where it 
talks about autostart for command line stuff yet. :)



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