So on & so forth

Ville Määttä vmaatta at
Wed Aug 20 15:59:40 CEST 2014

I’d actually like to know why the pinentry / pinentry-curses that come from homebrew don’t seem to work at all. I am now using pinentry-mac but I wouldn’t mind getting the normal pinentry working. All I get is "Agent admitted failure to sign using the key.” without any PIN queries. I can see the card is read but it’s not querying for PIN. Pointing gpg-agent to pinentry-mac resolves this for now.


On 19 Aug 2014, at 22:52, Ludwig Hügelschäfer <mlisten at> wrote:

> The supplied pinentry is highly integrated in Mac OS X look and feel
> and works reliable - no background/foreground issues like the one from
> gpg4win. But I assume, thats windows' fault, mostly.

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