Fwd: GNU hackers discover HACIENDA government surveillance and give us a way to fight back

Mark Rousell markr at signal100.com
Fri Aug 29 10:13:37 CEST 2014

On 27/08/2014 11:46, dan at geer.org wrote:
> I fully agree with you, which means that I see few ways to preserve
> the liberty that privacy represents than to withdraw from much of
> civil society while it shares ever more -- sharing ever more on the
> "I've got nothing to hide" premise.  Technology makes what is
> observable by others daily grow wider; lip reading robots, electric
> grids that know the noise signature of every device you own, smart
> cameras on every street corner, MIT's "visual microphone," electronic
> health records that are and must be shared amongst providers plus
> the providers' paymasters, and on and on.  That these are possible
> is worrisome; that they are widely built into services which promise
> "convenience" is the Pied Piper institutionalized.  As I wrote
> elsewhere(*), we are becoming a society of informants -- I have
> nowhere to hide from you.

I agree that information sharing, especially statutorily-imposed
information collection and sharing, is a great threat to liberty.

Fighting it is very difficult without fundamental reform of state

But this still does not mean that we need to share more than we want or
need to where we have a choice, and we still do have lots of choices in
this matter (especially in the context of my earlier message).

Mark Rousell

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