Order/changing of subkeys derogates compatibility!?

gnupgpack gnupgpack at on.yourweb.de
Mon Dec 1 10:53:18 CET 2014


> 6.5.8 is about sixteen years old now and has many known security
> problems.  Please stop using it.
(Yes, intended only for testing...)

> - From (possibly inaccurate) memory, PGP was up to somewhere around
> version 8.x before it supported signing subkeys.

First PGP version supporting WinXp has been PGP-8.x AFAIK.
So I will test (yes, only testing...) new key compatibility with this still
common spreaded version. 

But where to get old freeware version PGP-8.03/PGP-8.1 (release in

Sym at ntec's freeware page seems to be redirected to shop:

PGP-version history up to v10:

Thanks + regrads, Chris

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