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Hello David :)

My key is available on these key servers.

Robin Mathew Rajan

On 02-12-2014 PM 05:35, david at wrote:
> On 02/12/14 10:53, Robin Mathew Rajan wrote:
>> Hello David, :)
>> I already uploaded my public key to a public key server some months ago. But there's no local Linux users group where I live! I sent emails to some people listed at with my Government issued ID card attached. But no reply came from them. :( Some of them are CACert Assurers! 
>> If someone could sign my key over video conferencing, that would be very much helpful to me. Yes, I know it's much less trusted than actual person-person meetups in real world. But at the same time, it offers an easy solution for someone living in a very remote area. And it's also particularly helpful if he/she can't afford travel expenses to get keys signed. I think it's just like performance vs. security in cryptography. Signing someone's key through video conferencing is less secure but at the same time it's an effective solution for remote areas. I think key signing through video conferencing, might help in reducing 'crypto divide' (like that in 'digital divide'). :)
>> Regards,
>> Robin Mathew Rajan
>> On 02-12-2014 PM 03:05, david at wrote:
>>> On 02/12/14 08:27, Robin Mathew Rajan wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> Where can I get my keys signed? Does here anyone provide keysigning services through video conference? :)
>>>> Thanks and regards,
>>>> Robin Mathew Rajan
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>>> Hello Robin,
>>> The first thing you need to do is upload your public key to a key server. Perhaps you can
>>> find people where you live - a local Windows group or Linux group they would be happy to
>>> sign your key.
>>> Video conferencing? You need to produce some documentation of who you are - some here may
>>> feel that video conferencing is not a good idea. But first get your public key to a key server.
>>> David
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> Hello Robin,
> I tried to download your public key from several servers - without any luck.  As your using
> Thunderbird you can always attach your public key.
> As for key signing - then face to face communications are better. I've asked myself "what is
> the importance of people signing my keys?" There is no valid reason as far as I can see -
> though people like to build the web of trust - and for the most part - people on here are
> who they say they are - and over the years you get to build up trust. Though having said
> that I'm not about to rush out and sign every one's keys.
> Why not start your own group? There are lots of Linux groups around the world - unless your
> stuck in the middle of nowhere! Perhaps you can provide a link to where you uploaded your
> public key?
> David
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