Mainkey with many subkeys??

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Sun Dec 7 23:01:55 CET 2014

On 07/12/14 21:16, Kristian Fiskerstrand wrote:
> On 12/07/2014 10:11 PM, Doug Barton wrote:
>> On 12/7/14 7:04 AM, Tomo Ruby wrote: | I wanted to create new keys
>> and came across the following | "problem": If I create a main key
>> to certify and subkeys for | everything else, won't there be dozens
>> of subkeys on my main key | after years of creating and revoking
>> subkeys??
>> Why do you believe that you will be creating and revoking so many
>> subkeys?
> Easiest example of this would probably be per-device signing keys and
> cellphone substitution. Although in my experience the number of
> subkeys are increasing more due to expiration of encryption subkeys
> and key rotation.
> Tomo: you'll find that my key have a few subkeys at least due to these
> practises. It doesn't provide any issue for either keyservers or to
> use more generally, but you are correct in that the information is
> retained.
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Stupid question inbound:- If you make a bunch of subkeys, say, one for
your phone, one for your desktop and one for your laptop, how does that
work? I would assume if I send a piece of encrypted data to your
laptop's subkey's public key and you were on your desktop, you'd have to
go to your laptop to decrypt it, wouldn't you? Or am I missing something?

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