[SOLVED-ish] Re: Cannot sign (but can decrypt) after importing stub-keys from smart-card

Olivier Mehani shtrom at ssji.net
Wed Dec 10 02:06:35 CET 2014

Hi all,

As it appears, I had the problem before, and even documented it [0] for
memory's sake, then completely forgot about it. So here's an update for
that, so I can find the solution better next time (:

tldr; GnuPG looks (apparently) for the most recent signing subkey
listed in the (public/secret?) keyring. Deleting those from the local
keyring, until GPG picks the one present on the card, seems to be a
working option. Is there any other?

On 2014-12-04, Olivier Mehani <shtrom at ssji.net> wrote:
> I am using
> * gpg (GnuPG) 2.0.26 (2.0.26-1 [ArchLinux]),
> * the card reader integrated with the Broadcom BCM5880 subsystem on my
>   laptop,
> * pcsclite 1.8.13-1 and ccid 1.4.18-1 (ArchLinux),
> * an already initialised OpenPGP card (from Kernel Concepts),
> * a fresh user account.
> I had to downgrade from GPG 2.1 to 2.0 to be able to create the stubs, as
> suggested on this ML to work around [0] (In short: --card-edit/fetch;
> --edit-key/trust; --refresh-keys; --card-status).
> I can now decrypt messages
>   $ gpg -er shtrom at ssji.net  | gpg -d
>   test
>   ^D
> Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to sign
> What am I doing wrong?

A better way to understand what's happenning is to ask GnuPG to be

    $ gpg -sv
    gpg: using subkey 0xF9EB425E6D1886A7 instead of primary key 0xF012A6E298C66655
    gpg: secret key parts are not available
    gpg: no default secret key: Unusable secret key
    gpg: signing failed: Unusable secret key

Here, 0xF9EB425E6D1886A7 is (one of) the key(s) to be removed from the

   $ gpg --edit-key 98c66655
   gpg> key 10
   gpg> delkey
   gpg> save

Once all mentions of other (more recent?) signing subkeys have been
removed from the keyring, GnuPG has no other choice but to use the
signing subkey present on the smartcard.

  $ gpg -sv
  gpg: NOTE: signature key 0x6CDA813213912971 expired Fri 26 Oct 2012 23:17:20 AEDT
  gpg: NOTE: signature key 0x9CA49F44ABCF4EFA expired Mon 21 Jan 2013 14:11:29 AEDT
  gpg: no secret subkey for public subkey 0x6CDA813213912971 - ignoring
  gpg: no secret subkey for public subkey 0x9CA49F44ABCF4EFA - ignoring
  gpg: no secret subkey for public subkey 0xADCF72E06DBC3057 - ignoring
  gpg: no secret subkey for public subkey 0xF9EB425E6D1886A7 - ignoring
  gpg: using subkey 0xE9566B9D0957D2D3 instead of primary key 0xF012A6E298C66655
  gpg: writing to stdout

What is still not clear to me is that now GnuPG does recognise that the
other secret subkeys are not available and ignores them. AFAIK
they were already unavailable before (or, at least, unusable, as
confirmed by the fact that they were suffixed with '#').

Could this be a bug, or just a misunderstanding on my part?
Additionally, is there any better way to deal with this issue?

[0] https://www.narf.ssji.net/~shtrom/wiki/tips/openpgpsmartcard?&#missing_key_chosen_for_signing

Olivier Mehani <shtrom at ssji.net>
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