"key algorithm" in GnuPG's signature verification output

Hugo Hinterberger Hugo.Hinterberger at gmx.net
Wed Dec 10 09:14:53 CET 2014

Hi Chris,

> Why break quotation marks "1AF778E4" and "good" or "bad" in OP signature
> verification while answering?

I hope I understood you correctly.

I use “"” when it is required. In regular text I try to follow typographical 
conventions for text.

Nothing seems to be broken on my end. It might be an encoding issue, but I 
could not find one on my side. It could also have to do with the fonts you 
are using.
Below are some details.

I use a DIN 2137-1:2012-06 T2 keyboard layout and try to make use of it.

> Some charset settings needed?

The default encoding of my messages should be UTF-8, the message format is 
set to MIME with no special text encoding (neither quoted printable nor 
base64), and I allow 8-bit characters in headers.

I read the mailing list through Gmane (too little mailing list support in my 
e-mail clients, yes I use a few).
I noticed some processing of my messages after they were sent (base64 
Using [1] to decode the payload of the news article under observation of the 
content-type header (charset="utf-8") gives me my expected result,
as do the messages archived at [2] and [3] (with Chrome on Windows).


[1] https://www.base64decode.org/
[2] http://lists.gnupg.org/pipermail/gnupg-users/2014-December/051872.html
[3] http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.encryption.gpg.user/39182 

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