31C3, keysigning party

Peter Lebbing peter at digitalbrains.com
Thu Dec 11 15:06:45 CET 2014

On 11/12/14 14:46, Tobias Mueller wrote:
> FWIW: A tool with a similar goal is GNOME Keysign:

Thanks for the pointer!

> Contrasting caff or monkeysign, it does not rely on keyservers.

Neither does caff, if the organiser of the keyparty simply collects all keys
(sent by the participants) and sends the resulting keyring to all participants.
Been there, done that, bought the GnuPG t-shirt. I haven't checked if you can
pass a keyring to monkeysign.

So I'm a bit surprised by that claim in the README of GNOME Keysign.

They also keep talking of an authenticated copy of a key. The authentication
usually consists of you checking the fingerprint (or the program checking the
fingerprint in a securely retrieved barcode). Surely that is enough? Am I
missing something somewhere?


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