Unable to encrypt file with private/public key

Pete Stephenson pete at heypete.com
Tue Dec 23 06:54:15 CET 2014

On Dec 22, 2014 7:30 AM, "Haritwal, Dhiraj" <Dhiraj.Haritwal at ap.sony.com>
> Thank you very much for all the explanation/links. Now things are bit
> Now I have to encrypt file with partner's Public Key. I tried with below
command which is still showing warning message (gpg: 89709B71: There is no
assurance this key belongs to the named user) whereas if I am checking
partner_pubkey, it's showing full trust. How can I remove this message.
Even I have added partner's public key as trusted.
> ./gpg --encrypt --recipient partner_pubkey --armor /tmp/test/data.CSV

I'm glad things are working better.

To resolve the issue with the assurance message, manually verify that the
key belongs to the recipient (e.g. meet in person or call them and verify
the fingerprint of their key) and then sign the key using GnuPG. (gpg
--sign-key 0xKEYID)

In GnuPG you vouch that a particular public key belongs to a person (or
organization) by signing their public key. This signature can be local or
published publicly.

"Trust" in GnuPG is different, and reflects how much you trust the other
key to correctly vouch for the identity of others. If you set their key as
fully trusted, keys that are signed by that key are treated by your copy of
GnuPG with the same level of assurance as if you signed them yourself.
Typically this should only be reserved for people you know to always check
the identity of other people thoroughly and correctly before signing their
keys. The default is for trust to be set to "marginal".

By combining signatures and trust, one forms a "web of trust":

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