Philip Jackson philip.jackson at
Wed Dec 31 22:57:44 CET 2014

On 31/12/14 14:27, Sandeep Murthy wrote:
> The command is the `addphoto` subcommand of `—edit-key` - one adds a photo by executing
> `$ gpg —edit-key <short key ID> addphoto`
> which prints out the following message (after the key information and associated emails):
> ```
> Pick an image to use for your photo ID.  The image must be a JPEG file.
> Remember that the image is stored within your public key.  If you use a
> very large picture, your key will become very large as well!
> Keeping the image close to 240x288 is a good size to use.

Thanks, Sandeep.  I had found that page but didn't realise that I'd actually
have to implement the command to get the additional info on a suggested size.
That is not actually very clever - it hardly permits you to prepare an image
before installing it to the key.


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