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Hi Philip

Actually, there is information in the Manual (
about adding photos to your keys, the relevant section is 4.1.3 (of the HTML version of the manual)
on key management, which is this page

The command is the `addphoto` subcommand of `—edit-key` - one adds a photo by executing

`$ gpg —edit-key <short key ID> addphoto`

which prints out the following message (after the key information and associated emails):

Pick an image to use for your photo ID.  The image must be a JPEG file.
Remember that the image is stored within your public key.  If you use a
very large picture, your key will become very large as well!
Keeping the image close to 240x288 is a good size to use.

Enter JPEG filename for photo ID:

This message indicates acceptable dimensions but not size.  However some GUI key
management tools, such as Keychain tool from the GPG Suite ( specify that
photos must be < 500 KB and the recommended size be < 15 KB.

Sandeep Murthy
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> On 31 Dec 2014, at 12:42, Philip Jackson <philip.jackson at> wrote:
> I've been looking for documentation with info on adding a photo id to a gpg key.
> The instructions for adding are available but I can't find any advice for the
> size, format, dpi etc of the image to be used.
> I guess that the image size should be kept down somewhat to avoid making the key
> too large.  And it appears that not all software will display the image at the
> same size.
> Can anyone offer practical advice on the image parameters ?
> Philip
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