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Tue Feb 18 21:11:10 CET 2014

consider *cydia* for jailbreak/iphone, as it uses apt-get routines to 
deliver software somehow. that could help understanding the mechanics 
behind the itunes/wall. some sort of software is prohibited for/from 
apple, so check usage of encryption software as well on us.import/export 
rules as well to safe energy for this project.

a browser based piece of software would be more in the focus, i 
mentioned some weeks ago.

anyhow, good luck with xcode ( dev. enviroment for iphone/ios )


Am 18.02.2014 21:05, schrieb mercuryrising:
> And how would you make
> A GUI. What
> Programming would I have to learn. I used to program in basic Between 37 and 25 years ago. On a GRS 80 laptop. Are we talking a degree in software engineering?
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>> On Feb 18, 2014, at 6:27 AM, Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at> wrote:
>> Since GnuPG has run on Mac OS X and FreeBSD for a long time now, it should be
>> a pretty easy port to get GnuPG running on iPhone.  Someone would have to make
>> a GUI tho.
>> .hc
>>> On 02/18/2014 04:00 AM, Jürgen Polster wrote:
>>> Hmm,
>>> One of the options for IOS user is oPenGp, which interacts nicely. But to
>>> answer correctly: no.
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