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Olav, All:

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

Kindly take a look at these lines from http://www.egpg.org/?page=About:

   - eGPG utilizes a centralized GnuPG <http://www.gnupg.org/> installation
   and key-ring for encrypting and decrypting files, not a new concept, but it
   eliminates the need for key-ring importation after the client installation
   in an enterprise environment, while increasing key security.

   - eGPG eliminates the security risk of the public exposure of the
   private key. Using the centralized key-ring the client and user only has
   access to the private key for decryption only. The private key sits on your
   locked and secure server, not on the user's machine.

Most of the email users in my buddy's environment receive and send emails
on phone as much as on PC. Since they are unable to import their *private
keys* to their mobile devices as the keys are centrally managed and locked
on a server etc, how then do they *decrypt* *encrypted messages* they sent
earlier from PC to partners/colleagues/self on their mobile devices ? How
do they sign new emails they send from their mobile devices?

I hope I could get some help on these.

Many thanks



On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 4:59 PM, Olav Seyfarth <olav at enigmail.net> wrote:

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> Hi Edwin,
> > [...] The current ePGP tool as-is is more of desktop solution. [...] Is
> > there an Enterprise PGP solution for mobile devices running Android/iOS?
> you mean something that does not only work as plugin for default
> Android/iOS
> Mail apps but also full device encryption and/or file encryption?
> Unfortunately
> no, none that I know of. Multiple company requests might lead Symantec
> product
> development to implement one, though.
> I see solutions like "Good for Enterprise" and the use of encrypted
> transport
> (TLS) in companies. No company I know of uses either OpenPGP or S/MIME on
> mobile
> devices yet. But why not employing the OS device encryption and store
> messages
> encryptedly using one of the apps mentioned? If enterprise grade support is
> vital, go ask the developer. Or Apple/Samsung/... ;-)
> Olav
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