sign encrypted emails

NdK ndk.clanbo at
Fri Jan 3 19:02:10 CET 2014

Il 03/01/2014 11:28, Hauke Laging ha scritto:

> But I do not suggest to make my configuration the default. I just want 
> to be able to use it. Sometimes it's best to send a signed cleartext 
> message, sometimes to send an unsingned encrypted message, sometimes a 
> first signed then encrypted message and I want to stress that sometimes 
> it's best to send a first encrypted then signed (or signed-encrypted-
> signed) message.
I can't come up with a situation where sign, encrypt, sign again w/
*same* key used in the first signature gives more security than first
encrypt then sign. So two layers are enough.

I (partially) get your point: receiving an encrypted message could
mislead an uneducated user... But I doubt someone w/ access to top
secret material falls in that category :)


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