keysigning: lsign and offline master key

nb.linux nb.linux at
Sat Jan 4 22:41:32 CET 2014


I have an offline master key with C/S capabilities and two subkeys (E, S).
When (publicly) signing keys, usually I load my air gapped system with
the master key, sign each individual UID of the key to sign, and export
the signatures. Then send the signatures encrypted to the UID.

How would the procedure look like for an lsign?
- load system with master key
- lsign the key/UIDs
- I'm stuck, because (as I understand the lsign) I cannot export
the signature...

Is this right?
How can I lsign a key and transfer the local signature from my air
gapped system?
Maybe by copying the keyring files between the systems?

Thanks in advance,
-- nb.linux

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