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Am Sa 04.01.2014, 22:28:26 schrieb Johannes Zarl:

> Wouldn't one have to encrypt the signed-encrypted-signed message again
> to prevent an attacker from stripping away the outer signature? What
> would the recipient then do with the simple signed-encrypted message?

That would be possible for an attacker but not make any sense: If the 
recipient expects the outer signature (only then this feature is a 
protection like signing is a protection only if the recipient acts 
differently on signed vs. non-signed messages) then the attacker is 
discovered without any advantage.

There is another reason for creating this fourth layer: Some people want 
to hide the metadata (who made the signature).

> One should certainly not act differently depending on the encryption
> of a message.

You are aware that is doesn't make any sense to make this claim without 
any argument after the opposite has been claimed with an argument (a 
very strong one)?

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