GPG Assuan protocol usage

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Jan 8 13:09:54 CET 2014

On Wed,  8 Jan 2014 00:30, alan.meekins at said:

>> D (genkey (rsa (nbits 4096)))


   D (genkey (rsa (nbits 4:4096)))

to match the S-expression syntax.  A leading digit denotes a length and
thus you can't enter a number without its length.  Yes, this is a common

Instead of socat, I suggest the use of gpg-connect-agent (which even
feature a simple script language).  If gpg-agent is installed on a
system gpg-connect-agent is also available.  As an alternative you may
also use the Assuan interface of GPGME (see gpa/src/cardman.c for



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