Windows editor destroys gpg.conf

Tristan Santore tristan.santore at
Wed Jan 15 16:16:57 CET 2014

On 15/01/14 13:33, Jerry wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Jan 2014 14:02:12 +0100, Hauke Laging stated:
>> Hello,
>> when I help Windows users create keys then my script converts the
>> Linux version of gpg.conf (after some editing) to the Windows line
>> endings. This works.
>> But if I edit the file with the Windows editor (unfortunately I have
>> forgotten the Windows version) then gpg crashes with an error message
>> like "error in gpg.conf:1". I have experienced that several times in
>> the past already.
>> Unfortunately I both don't have Windows at home and have forgotten to
>> make a copy of the damaged file so that I cannot have a look at it.
>> A wild guess is that the editor adds a UTF-8 BOM at the beginning of
>> the file (but that wouldn't affect XP, would it?).
>> Two concerns:
>> 1) Does anyone know what the problem is and/or whether I can avoid it
>> by using another program which is part of Windows (or widely used)?
>> 2) Would it make sense to make gpg work with such config files...? 8-)
> Personally, I use "PSPad" to edit files from different OSs on a Window's
> machine. <>. It can save in several different
> formats and styles. Plus, it is free.
unix2dos and dos2unix are your friends.


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