Problems invoking gpgsm with curses interface.

The Fuzzy Whirlpool Thunderstorm whirlpool at
Sat Jul 19 11:35:01 CEST 2014

Gnupg has s/MIME component to manage x509 certificate, which is called
gpgsm. Running gpgsm with a working desktop such as KDE is fine. But
when I'm running it on a shell, using pinentry-curses as passphrase
input backend, I got an error saying that LC-CTYPE is unknown.

gpgsm: pinentry-curses: no LC_CTYPE known - assuming UTF-8

I've set GPG_TTY environment variable and started gpg-agent as daemon.
For your information, I run gpgsm to import a p12 certificate

`gpgsm --import mycert.p12`

Is there any workaround to fix this strange gpgsm behavior?

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