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Werner Koch wk at
Mon Jul 28 09:36:18 CEST 2014

On Mon, 28 Jul 2014 00:51, pedro.markov at said:

> I'm a new user to the GPG world, and i haven't find information
> about the "CRC" error when importing a key.

The CRC is a simple checksum to detect transmission errors in the ASCII
armor (the "----BEGIN PGP......-----END PGP..." text format often used
to transfer keys).  The CRC is used to detect such errors before the
data is processed by the actual OpenPGP software (which would also
exhibit an error then).

Common reasons for such an error is mail software mangling the data in
the transfer.  You may use the gpg option --ignore-crc-error to, well,
ignoire the error but in almost all cases you will then get another
error from the actual OpenPGP parsing part.

> Is is possible to know wich line of a corrupted key is wrong?

Not by means of the CRC.  Manual inspection may reveal obvious
problems.  You better ask the sender to send the key again.



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