GnuPG 2.1 exporting secret keys

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Jun 9 11:43:06 CEST 2014

On Sun,  8 Jun 2014 21:03, martijn.list at said:

> gpg: key 2BAD7887: asking agent for the secret parts
> gpg: key 2BAD7887: error receiving key from agent: Missing item in
> object - skipped

Are you sure that you are using the latest gpg-agent.

  gpg-connect-agent 'getinfo version' /bye

show the version.  Does it match the version of gpg (2.1.0-beta422)?

If it does, can you pleae repeat that with a test key you can send to
me?  What I need is the public key and the corresponding private key
which you find similar to this example:

  $ gpg -K --with-keygrip 439F02CA
  sec   dsa768/439F02CA 1998-03-17
        Keygrip = FD692BD59D6640A84C8422573D469F84F3B98E53
  uid                  pgp5 test <pgp5 at dev.null>
  ssb   elg768/CB879DE9 1998-03-17
        Keygrip = 0D6F6AD4C4C803B25470F9104E9F4E6A4CA64255
  $ cd ~/.gnupg
  $ cp private-keys-v1.d/FD692BD59D6640A84C8422573D469F84F3B98E53 foo.sec

send me foo.sec and the result of 

  gpg --export-key 439F02CA >



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