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Am So 08.06.2014, 20:59:41 schrieb Peter Lebbing:

> This one seems easy... leakage of the revocation certificate is much
> more benign.

> It all boils down to: "a safe backup" depends on what you are backing
> up.

That would be a good explanation of this aspect but that is usually not 
what you read there.

> > I recommend that all qualified people do the same when encountering
> > bad articles.
> The problem lies in "qualified". I think the authors of the bad advice
> consider themselves qualified, for instance. Otherwise why are they
> giving advice.

I understand the guess but that is at least not my experience. If I tell 
authors about their mistakes they are usually happy that I help them 
improve their article.

Maybe the main reason for writing is not feeling qualified but the wish 
to help. Or they feel there are people even less qualified than they 
themselves and write for those but do not believe that they are close to 
the upper end of knowledge. Maybe the reaction depends on how they 
assess the knowledge of the one who tries to correct them. The from 
address of those of my emails may help there. ;-)

I suggest: Just give it a try.

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