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On Sunday 08 June 2014 at 17:49:41, Suspekt wrote:
> I have some links about key creation and gpg in general that I would
> provide of course. the problem is, that I don't know if/how correct they
> are because I am not that into gpg yet. Some blogposts are rather old,
> which can mean they are no longer up to date but doesn't have to. I
> don't want to spread outdated/incorrect information so how to proceed?
> That said, adding them to the wiki directly doesn't seem to be ideal...

please still add them and possibly add a date and if you are unsure
just add the fact that you are unsure because of reason X.

I agree with the other writers:
We must first make good information available!
And then we can point out other people to this central place
which is easier to keep uptodate.

Hypertext is very suited for this, because the knowledge and desires of users 
will be very different, so they can jump from level to level if they want to 
learn more.

A wiki is well suited because it shall make it easier for more people
to contribute and write, but keep a consolidated (brief) version in the end.


> > Thus I've started
> >
> > and did a first entry for the new CC-BY-(SA) short guide from the FSF.
> > I could use more critical review, so if you read it or other documents,
> > please add a link or a comment.


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