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I'm Jerome from France, GPG user and cryptoparty organizer in Marseille.
I just joined the list! It seems to be a very friendly place.

I would like to make a french speaking adele (The friendly GPG Robot)
available to the community of french speaking GPG evangelists and beginners.

Is there a source code or a recipe available somewhere? Is it written in
english? If everything is in german, it's ok, i have basic skills in
german, and with a little help from the community, I'll manage to clone
and translate the robot. But I don't have the skill and time to write
another one from scratch.

The only information about Adele I could find about are those two messages:

First message by Werner (2007): saying
that it's not a free software.
Second message by Bernhard Reiter (2009)
asking about the development of a free software replacement robot.

English speaking Adele say it's made by I guess i'll have
to contact them also.

Do you have more information?

Thank you.

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