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> I think providing an official, complete,
> easily-understandable, up-to-date, reviewed and
> qualitative documentation by experts for beginners and
> experts is absolutely necessary for security-software.
> Therefore GnuPG is in need of that.

I'm not sure about "official" in this context, but agree the rest is
at least desirable.

> I'm not
> saying that old manuals are implying bad manuals (some
> options haven't changed for long, therefore no change
> in docs in need).

Indeed. When I was doing my physics A-level (a long time ago now), for
certain subject areas we used elderly textbooks that covered the
material much better than the more modern references. In one
particular case, the books were over 40 years old. The style of
writing was very dated and the units described had been superceded
several times, but it was still a very useful reference.

> After all, I don't have the feeling, that the docs
> (where some of them are really good) linked on the
> GnuPG-page are providing, what I mentioned in the first
> sentences of my message.

A single, joined-up documentation providing what you mentioned would
be a valuable resource, if people with the appropriate expertise and
profile could be induced to produce it and to revise/update it from
time to time. And the plethora of existing and third-party
documentation would still be available for broader reference.

> Although some people would probably deny, that it's not
> the job to provide a good tutorial about
> using gpg for e-mail-security with some other
> gpg-related software like Enigmail+Thunderbird,

I would say providing a good tutorial on email security could easily
be seen to fall within the documentation set you seek. But I would
also say it should be a broad-brush approach, because detailed
specifics about a range of related applications should fall outwith
the scope of a documentation project such as you suggest. That said,
there might be merit in including one or two case studies that did go
into such specifics.

> Who if not
> GnuPG-experts should write good, easily-understandable
> tutorials about the practical use of gpg by beginners
> for e-mail-encryption?

For the documentation to be useful to beginners, it is important to
also have input from people who recently were beginners. Experts in
any field tend not to have a reasonably fresh memory of the
difficulties and doubts they had as beginners.

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