Resetting an OpenPGP smart card "bricks" it

Peter Lebbing peter at
Wed Mar 12 19:38:46 CET 2014

On 12/03/14 17:15, Chris Boot wrote:
>   00 a4 04 00 06 d2 76 00 01 24 01
>   > 00 a4 04 00 06 d2 76 00 01 24 01
>   < XX YY : {{ NVRAM not changed }}
> [...]
> Note the line that says XX YY and NVRAM not changed is from memory; I
> remember it saying about the NVRAM having _not_ being changed, but it
> worked anyway.

That is probably because the program didn't recognise the exact status code, but
was able to place it in the class "NVRAM not changed". The class is defined in a
different standard than the exact status code, and the program gives the best
interpretation it can.

> For others following this thread, 'scriptor' is in the pcsc-tools
> package in Debian, and seems to be a pretty neat if scary tool for
> sending raw ADPUs to smart cards.

That's indeed a nice thing to have, although the "SERIALNO undefined" method in
scdaemon means that I wouldn't have to start pcscd since it uses the GnuPG
internal CCID driver, and thus requires less keystrokes for me to use in
practice :). But scriptor's more verbose status logging can come in pretty handy
I suppose.


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