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On 14/03/14 17:28, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> Totally off-topic. But that your father was a highly positioned 
>> judge, would make you rather biased.
> Sure, just like someone being German would make them pretty biased 
> against Jews.
> What I just said was insensitive, offensive, and completely 
> inappropriate.  So, too, was what you just said.  Grow up.
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Haha. Unfortunately for you, I am not German, so i am not insulted. But 
I do know loads of German's, which of course, with you making such 
statements, not only shows that you have a serious problem, if you have 
to offend people, just because you feel offended, but also shows how 
ignorant you are. Excusing your behaviour after is hardly a sign of 

Unlike you, I based my statement on what you said in your email, namely, 
that you got information from your father, which makes it hear-say. 
Further, getting facts from a second party about a third party about 
information, that would fall under a piece of legislation, which permits 
nobody to even discuss it, makes such statements meaningless. Further 
adding your comments about intelligence matters, that you clearly can 
not have any knowledge of, does not qualify you to make any such 
statements. Hence, my statement about you being biased.

Further, all this discussion is quite meaningless anyway. Needless to 
say all this is totally off-topic, I just wanted to be sure that you got 
somebody else's opinion, as you were quite so dismissive about another 
person and their opinions on this list. I tend to side with people being 

Now maybe we can get back to the perfectly legitimate issues regarding 
the use of sub-keys and the use of multiples of these.




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