Multiple Subkey Pairs

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Fri Mar 14 22:34:54 CET 2014

> But I do know loads of German's, which of course, with you making  
> such statements, not only shows that you have a serious problem, if  
> you have to offend people, just because you feel offended, but also  
> shows how ignorant you are.

You are missing the point.

It is contemptible to believe that just because someone is descended  
from X, they must therefore possess trait Y.  This is not how  
civilized people behave.  We judge people on their own choices -- not  
their parentage.  To do otherwise is the act of a barbarian.

> Unlike you, I based my statement on what you said in your email,  
> namely, that you got information from your father

Quoting you: "That your father was a highly positioned judge, would  
make you rather biased," to be specific.  You didn't say that my  
information would be biased: you said that *I* am biased based on my  
father's job.  And that's simply beyond the pale.

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