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Am 17.03.2014 11:34, schrieb Robert J. Hansen:
>> The YYY (->a famous three letter agency) e.g. denies to archive
>> content of YYY citizens mails. It is thus perfectly reasonable to
>> assume it does so with all other ones.
> This is not a reasonable inference.
> I deny being able to violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics.  Is
> it perfectly reasonable to assume I can violate the First or the
> Third? No, clearly not: the inference is not logically sound.
> Neither is your original inference.

That is an odd comparison. What does a statement about a fundamental
law of physics which you can't change have to do with a statement
about what you are doing, where you are perfectly free to do something
else than you say? If that is what you base you judgment as "not a
reasonable inference" on I'm truly worried.

>> sorry again, if we are speaking about the YYY, only metadata if 
>> recipient and sender are YYY citizens and if we believe what the
>> agency says.
> I cannot accept this assertion, as it is offered without either
> direct evidence or logically sound inferences.

You have not spend time understanding how YYY work it seems to me. How
they communicate with the public. How they bend the truth, redefine
the meaning of certain words when communicating. How to be
over-specific in their denials.
- From my understanding it is a perfectly valid inference to assume that
the YYY stores also content data of communication.
You can find evidence for that in congressional hearings, in
Newspapers and so forth.
But since the last years revelations and how they dealt with them, how
they communicated in congressional hearings, don't seem to be evidence
enough for you, I'm afraid no one will be able to help you see that
the inferences are reasonable. At first you need to be willing to
question their motives and their "truthfulness". Otherwise it doesn't
make sense to argue about reasonable or non reasonable inferences.
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