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Am Sa 26.04.2014, 13:43:32 schrieb MFPA:

> > Thus I would like to offer "accepted" as a possible
> > alternative. I guess that shows the user decision.
> > Maybe even as a combination: "authenticity accepted".
> In the case of a non-exportable signature made simply to allow me to
> encrypt to a key, I am not "accepting" or "authenticating" or
> "validating" or "verifying" that key. All I am doing is "activating"
> it for use.

This may be a language problem (on my side) but in my understanding you 
do exactly that: You accept a key for usage. Whether you verify it 
before is your decision. And thus I prefer "accept" over "authenticate" 
because "authentication" is an opinion (not only in the quality you do 
that but also in whether you do it at all or not) but "accepting" is a 
simple fact. Facts are easier to handle than opinions.

As more than one year has not been enough for me to write a 
certification policy for my new key all my certifications are local 
ones. I hope you don't misunderstand the feature: Local signature is not 
meant as "rather useless signature" but just as "not for the public".

I have local certifications at cerification level 1 (your case) and 3.

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