Reiner SCT Cyberjack go : Display languge question

tux.tsndcb at tux.tsndcb at
Mon May 26 14:26:00 CEST 2014

Hello all,

I wanted to know, if people who use this cardreader have english language on display.

Because on display I've done this configuration :

Menu -> Setting -> Language -> German
                              >English I've selected it

but all display messages are in German for exemple when cardreader boot and a smartcard is plug on it :

Bitte Karte

so no in English

Other questions :

- On display I can see in permanence : Secoder 2 V2.2.1, is it possible to don't see It ?

- On my Vega cardreader, when I use it, I can see these :

- When no smartcard insert :
Insert card

- when PIN code is requested :
Enter PIN
3 retries left

- when I don't put PIN code on time
Time Out

But with this cardreader I see nothing only PIN when PIN code is requested and nothing for the other things

Thanks in advance for your feeback with it.

Best Regards


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