some -- are broken in the HTML FAQ

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Sun Nov 9 01:57:58 CET 2014


there is a common problem (usually with CMS) in the FAQ:

There are three ocurrances of  "–"; all of them are destroyed "--"s. 
They are correct in the plain text version.

Actually Google pointed me to the outdated version (which has the same 
problem on a higher level):

Is there any reason for keeping this document online instead of making a 
redirection to the new one?

And one remark to the content:

  Using these two principles (the [Landauer bound] and the
  [Margolus–Levitin limit]), we can determine quite accurately how much
  heat would be released by a computer that brute-forced a 128-bit
  cipher.  The results are profoundly silly: it’s enough to boil the
  oceans and leave the planet as a charred, smoking ruin.

IIRC this would happen only if this operation was done in a certain, 
short amount of time so I guess this restriction is missing in the text.

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