some -- are broken in the HTML FAQ

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Sun Nov 9 03:03:33 CET 2014

Am Sa 08.11.2014, 20:49:24 schrieb Robert J. Hansen:

> What you're looking at is called an em dash (or an en; the FAQ uses
> both) and is typographically correct.

It is correct if an em dash is meant. It does make absolutely no sense 
to use a "–" when code is involved where only "--" works. This is about

instead of

instead of

> Unicode offers proper
> hyphens, en dashes and em dashes, though, so the FAQ uses them.

No, it doesn't. In 47 of 49 cases it uses "--". I did not want to 
suggest to replace the dash in "Margolus–Levitin".

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