GPG API: Open Crypto Engine

Nan nan at
Mon Nov 10 18:14:10 CET 2014

  >I've added a first link to the in applications that use GnuPG.

 Thank you, Bernhard.

I noticed you had a few "TODOs" in the wiki. Would you like me to modify the entry?

  >Is there a documentation for the API?

 Yes. Standard "pydoc MODULE". For example, to see the docs for, you'd type:

    pydoc goodcrypto.oce.gpg_plugin

If you prefer docs in HTML, then add -w before the module name.

If anyone needs help, then they can ask on this mailing list or via support at g[you know]

  >Do you use gpgme?

No. OCE predates GPGME. 

Thanks again, Bernard.


GoodCrypto warning: Anyone could have read this message. Use encryption, it works.

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