Why the software is crap

NdK ndk.clanbo at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 12:47:39 CET 2014

Il 14/11/2014 12:41, david at gbenet.com ha scritto:

I usually just lurk, but that's too much...

> I even tried exporting my private and public key from the command line and then tried
> importing. The same error message as before. I have checked on the internet - most of the
> suggestions are crap - the authors have never ever tried to do what they suggest others to
> do. If they had done so then they would have known just how crappy their supposed expertise was.
> I have even looked through https://www.gnupg.org/faq/GnuPG-FAQ.html  and found this to be a
> useless pile of crap also.
Surely you're doing it wrong, overlooking some passage. So don't blame 
others for something *you* are doing wrong.

> I am faced with two options:
> (1) Create yet another set of keys
> (2) Give up using gnupg after some 20 years
(3) Do it the right way as everyone else and admit you were doing 
something wrong.

> I think I will unsubscribe from this list and give up on gnupg as a pile of crap.
And that will be better for the whole community.


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