The Facts:

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Sat Nov 15 18:00:55 CET 2014

On 15.11.14 12:52, david at wrote:
> The steps I have taken to move my /.gnupg folder
> Background:
> I have two laptops (1) a 32 bit LXD laptop-1 (2) a 64 bit LXD
> laptop-2 one mouse and one WD 1.0 TB (1,000,202,043,392 bytes)
> external drive that plugs into the USB port of either laptop-1 or
> laptop-2 = david at laptop-1:/media/store$.
> Laptop-1 and laptop-2 are a mirror image of each. They contain the
> same software. I copied programmes like Thunderbird Firefox from
> laptop-1 to laptop-2 without any problems.

Why don't you simply do this:

1. on your old laptop:

tar zcf gnupg-backup.tgz $HOME/.gnupg

2. Copy the resulting file "gnupg-backup.tgz" to your new laptop

3. on your new laptop:

tar zxf gnupg-backup.tgz


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