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Sun Nov 16 17:54:18 CET 2014

On 16/11/14 05:59, david at wrote:
> Werner,
> I have partly resolved the problem - which seems to be related to gnupg2 Thunderbird and
> Enigmail running on a 64 bit Linux. The only error message am now getting is "bad
> passphrase" when I've not even entered a passphrase but am about to too.

I had this same difficulty around June this year when I migrated from Windows7
to UbuntuStudio 1404. (both 64 bit).

I wanted to use gnupg2 rather than the standard gnupg1-4.-16 which was packaged
with Ubuntu and the gnupg website said that gnupg1 and gnupg2 could co-exist ok
on the same machine.  So I installed the Ubuntu gnupg2 package 2.0.22.

I had migrated my Thunderbird profile ok from Windows7 to Ubuntu and was happily
using Thunderbird 24.6 and enigmail 1.6 before I installed gnupg2.  Afterwards,
I could not get emails to be signed.  I did get the bad passphrase message
without having been asked to provide one.  I also got a 'no pinentry' message.

I removed the Ubuntu gnupg2.0.22 package and using only gnupg1.4.16, Thunderbird
and enigmail worked perfectly.

I then set about learning how to install myself the latest version (at that
time) which was gnupg2.0.26 with help from this list.  When I got it installed,
enigmail then worked perfectly.

I cannot advise how to install gnupg2.0.26 - it was above my pay-grade at the
time but I did manage it.  And I have subsequently upgraded Thunderbird many
times (now at 31.2) and enigmail too (now at 1.7.2).  I confirm that on
UbuntuStudio 14.04 64 bit, Thunderbird 31.2 with enigmail 1.7.2 works just fine
with gnupg2.0.26.

I wrote up some of my problem on launchpad (Ubuntu bug reports) and there is at
least one other bug reporting similar behaviour.  For further info on these, try
these links :

My conclusion was that there must have been some issue with the gnupg2.0.22
package as prepared and released by ubuntu.


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