Pros and cons of PGP/MIME for outgoing e-mail?

Bjarni Runar Einarsson bre at
Sun Nov 23 14:12:47 CET 2014

Hello gnupg-users!

I am the lead dev on Mailpile, a free software e-mail client where we're
doing our best to improve the usability of PGP-encrypted e-mail. I have
been pondering for quite some time the relative merits of various ways
of formatting otugoing encrypted mail, and this weekend I took the time
to summarize my findings and opinions in a blog post:

The "tl;dr" is that it might be worth dropping PGP/MIME for outgoing
encrypted mail and instead use a more ad-hoc approach which
interoperates with more mail clients. I'm also tentatively proposing an
approach to reducing the header metadata leakage (Subject, From, To,
etc. being sent in the clear).

Note that we already support incoming PGP/MIME and have no intention of
abandoning that, it's merely a question of what is the best (default)
format for outgoing encrypted mail.

As folks on this list have been using GPG in the real world longer than
most, I would very much appreciate your feedback, experience and


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