Setpref is not working or is it a bug or something?

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Wed Nov 26 12:14:43 CET 2014


> No.  The 2.0 cards from ZeitControl all support 4096 (if you feel a need
> for this).  The problem was that old GnupG versions limited them to 3k.

I am working with GnuPG-Pack, which includes extended gpg-1.4.18.
This versions supports smartcard keys with 4096bit?

>> So, what are the most useful cross-over compatibility settings for new,
>> secure keys?
> Use the defaults and ignore the suggestions you find out in the wild.

What's about the standard SHA1 hash with signatures?
In gpg.conf really no need for:

s2k-count 1000000
s2k-digest-algo SHA256
s2k-cipher-algo AES256
cert-digest-algo SHA256
digest-algo SHA256
personal-cipher-preferences AES256 TWOFISH AES192 AES CAST5
personal-digest-preferences SHA512 SHA384 SHA256 SHA224
personal-compress-preferences ZLIB BZIP2 ZIP
default-preference-list SHA512 SHA384 SHA256 SHA224 AES256 TWOFISH AES192


Thanks a lot, regards @g.

*still learning...*

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