Smart Card 4096 Key Question

Philip Jackson philip.jackson at
Tue Sep 2 15:14:54 CEST 2014

On 01/09/14 23:04, Ville Määttä wrote:
> I bought my SCR3500 and SCR335 V2 from Identive / Chipdrive [1]. I had a problem adding VAT number to the order myself but at least they ship (and kindly handled fixing the bill afterwards). Though, they only seem to have an SCT3511 there, not a 3512.
> [1]
Thanks to all who have responded with offers of help.

I've had email correspondence from scm's web shop ( and they do
send worldwide.  Their webshop is not sophisticated enough to be able to
calculate post and packing costs for dispatches outside Germany (not even for
France which is next door and the scm3512 reader only weighs 8g and doesn't
appear more fragile than a usb memory stick).

But they have rapidly rectified the situation and sent me a pro-forma invoice
which I have paid online.  So, I hope, my problem is now resolved.

It is however, some years since I last encountered so much kerfuffle for such a
small purchase on the net.

I point out too, that scm-pc-card did reply promptly to my emails.  A similar
query sent to a French company remains unanswered.


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