passphrase recovery

Parker Boxell parker131992 at
Fri Sep 5 01:13:51 CEST 2014

Hello, I am contacting you because I need help recovering my passphrase. is
there any way to accomplish this? Basically my laptop screen broke now and
I need to decrypt my word file that has my product keys but I cannot
remember for the life of me what it is and have spent countless tries on
the two phrases i think it is, and I am unable to change my passphrase due
to the fact I no longer know it. here are my details.

User Name:Parker Kane Boxell <parker131992 at>
Key ID 5E2A6915
Fingerprint 6887 7FCA 1BCB 8851 1A66 26CA 7C98 3024 5E2A 6915
Expires at: never expires
owner trust: ultimate
kay validity: fully valid
key type: RSA-2048 bits
Created at: 2014-06-02
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